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My name is Lachlan hence the title Picante Lachlan. I am passionate about travel likely because I have been doing it ever since I was a baby. Before I could even speak my Mom would take me to places like London, Switzerland, and Australia. As Well as that my Dad has moved our family around quite a bit across the west coast of the United States, the midwest, and now Florida. But the most meaningful place I have lived in was The Netherlands.

I will never forget my life there. It was a completely different experience from living in the United States. I had friends who I rode bikes with to school and during lunch we would ride them to town and buy a quick snack at the local Albert Heijn. Life would go slow but I was able to enjoy all of it even through the many stupid things I said and the mistakes I made. Our location was perfect for travel. We were wedged between Germany and Belgium which made it easy to travel throughout Western Europe. Through the five years of living abroad I traveled multiple times a year. I gained a great amount of intangible experiences and now I have a huge travel bug.

Photo of me in june of 2018 visiting my friends in Bergen aan Zee, North Holland.

Now I have been back in the United States for the past two years and I am currently working a part time job to raise money so that I can invest it into online income sources for the ability to travel the world while having a sufficient income. I am creating this blog for that very reason. I hope to grow this blog to a consistent income and build my personal brand over the next six months to commence my journey of a full time explorer starting in early may.

I hope that you will join and support me as I prepare and stay with me during my ambitious journey.

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