Top 10 Travel youtubers

Youtube has been something that I’ve been watching pretty much since the beginning when Fred was the biggest youtube star. As my travel bug grew, I started to find youtubers who make videos about travel. They inspired me even more and taught me so much. All the upcoming channels on this list are people that I am subscribed to and it is in no particular order.

Drew Binsky

It actually took me sometime to like Drew’s videos, but I didn’t realise how much value his content actually gave. He makes short documentaries about interesting people, places or things while giving a lot of information and his own two cents. This can easily teach something new and give a new perspective on different situations in the world. His big goal is to visit every country in the world, which less than 99 people have ever done. Currently he has been to 171 out of 197 countries and he is only 28 years of age. Now he has just started an African adventure to visit 19 new countries for the rest of 2019. His plan is to finish this goal by june of 2020 in Jamaica.


The Vagabrothers are two Californian brothers who share a love for travel named Alex and Marko. They make travel guides in many interesting locations around the world having unique experiences. Their videos usually seem to be in a blog format, like their travel guides or their most popular video: ‘31 insanely affordable budget travel destinations to visit now‘. The Vagabrothers are a great channel to check out just before a trip to learn how to get the most out of it.

Fun For Louis

Fun For Louis is one of the more well known travel vloggers. His videos contain high quality shots and more personal filming as well. He likes to learn about the history or culture from locals of wherever he is and teach the new information back to his audience. I find great value in that. He also had a 72 episode long documentary called World Flight, where he flew around the world with his pilot friend in a small plane. It started in California, then they flew east travelling from destination to destination around the world until they ended up in Hawaii and flew back to California. Louis is definitely worth the watch.

Wolters World

Wolter makes honest and simple videos about the don’ts and shocks of travel around the world to prepare fellow travellers like himself. His style is different from the other youtubers on this list. He films himself with a tripod in different destinations while giving information in list format about what you should know before travelling to different places so you don’t find yourself in any problematic situations. He is a good resource to go to for pre-trip information.


Shiey is different from the other creators on this list. He takes his viewers through a first person view of his homeless journeys throughout Europe. He wears a mask while he train surfs, walks on the roofs of buildings, and lurks through abandoned structures. Shiey makes questionable decisions like climbing up the rails of buildings and his most recent video is of his journey across the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. He calls what he does: Illegal Freedom. I like to watch his videos to experience something different, something that isn’t really shown online. I recommend his videos to the daredevil adventure traveller.


Bobby is a vlogger who serves a purpose of fun and learning. He is based in New York, but he often travels across the world map. He likes to challenge himself by living on a tight budget for a day or even with nothing while still filling his belly and finding someplace to sleep. He also likes to review wacky things and places like Japanese vending machines or overnight bus hotels. His challenges and experiences aren’t just limited to those and he often brings his french girlfriend along for the adventure. Almost a year ago he was caught in a ‘scandal’ because someone found out that he had faked selling t-shirts for one of his challenges. He ended up taking a break after that. In my opinion that whole thing was a bit of a meme and shouldn’t have been taken so seriously. Nevertheless he makes fun videos often about food that are entertaining and educational. Definitely recommended.

Bald and Bankrupt

Ben from Bald and Bankrupt is mostly known for travelling around Eastern Europe hopping from one Soviet relic to the other. He takes his time admiring old bus stations built in Soviet times while teaching his audience about the history of the area. Bald likes to show every detail, like what the shops are selling or the cracks in the stairs. He really gives an understanding of a place with the little details and his honest opinions. He is truly a funny guy, especially when he is speaking to locals in russian asking interesting and funny questions. If you want to have an close up view of the realities of Eastern Europe and other parts of the world, Bald and Bankrupt is the man for it.

Indigo Traveller

Indigo Traveller has a more serious and documetarial style. He uses his videos to show the realities of different countries like Iraq and more recently he just finished a series of his time in Venezuela. The Venezuelan episodes documented the current problems throughout the country. It showed the rich neighborhoods and the slums, the gas shortage and inflation. During that series I got to see many different angles of the crisis in Venezuela. He has many other series showcasing all over different countries. His videos are all very real and worth watching.

Mark Wiens

Mark is hands down the best food vlogger on the internet. He travels across the globe for food. The food he showcases looks amazing and you can feel his excitement and the pleasure he gains from his first bite. His videos make my mouth water or can make me cringe as he enjoys brains and guts with wide eyes and a big smile. His videos create a desire in me to experience amazing street food during all of my travels.

Harald Baldr

Last but not least is Harald Baldr. His video style is similar to Bald and Bankrupt, in fact they hang out sometimes, but his videos are completely unedited. Most of his videos are of him having experiences with locals. His filming style is very personal and his priceless interactions with locals often make me laugh out loud. Although his videos are an acquired taste, I love them and I find a lot of value in watching them.

Are you interested in any of these creators or have you seen them on youtube before? These Youtubers have helped inspire me and teach me about travel and have done the same for many. Do you know any other good travel Youtubers? If so tell us in the comments. I’ll see you in the next post.

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