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How To Spend 1 Night In London

This summer I moved to Florida, was a CIT (Counselor In Training) in Scotland for a month and visited my good friend in the north of Spain. After all that I had to fly back to my new home on the Florida coast, but my summer travels weren’t over just yet. I had an overnight layover in London. I was excited even though it was just for one night.


Train To Victoria

My flight arrived at Gatwick in the late afternoon and I headed towards my hotel by the airport. I checked in and got to my room. I was tired but as soon as I could, I rushed to the train station and bought a ticket. Finally, I could take a break while hanging onto a bar on the train. Southern England was quickly zooming by outside the window and I was thinking about what exactly I was gonna do in London. I had no plan, but my anticipation was growing. Luckily I had an Italian friend who was in London. So I thought it was a good idea to shoot him a message.

First Impressions

The train stopped in Victoria station. I got out and saw a sharp red glass building and busy Londoners walking by while tourists hopped on red buses. I walked with the crowd for a bit then took a right towards the river Thames. Alongside me was beautiful red brick apartments and the sidewalk was calm with barely anyone. It was nice to get out of the crowds of the airport and city. Nearing the river, the pub culture was alive and well with coworkers drinking pints together after work. The streets got busier and I could see the river. With only little percentage left and no charger at all, I opened my phone to see a message from my Italian friend. He told me he was with some friends and that they were going to a pub that night and I was invited. I was relieved that I wasn’t just gonna be walking around all night with no direction.

Needing A Phone Charger

I had a couple hours to kill, barely any battery on my phone and had no charger with me or in the hotel. On my phone I looked up places that sell Iphone charger and the only place that made sense was the Apple Store. It was a 30 minute walk, but I had plenty of time. I was introduced to another part of the city. There were big flashy advertisements and theatres lined the street. The streets were busy and there were stickers on the ground saying how much London ‘tolerates’. I joined a street with expensive shops and I could see the apple store. I went in, bought a charger, took a seat and realised there was already a charging station in the store with free to use cables.

Five Guys And Camden

After getting my phone charged to a suitable amount, I went to the nearest Five Guys as I was hungry and still had time. By the way Five Guys is actually better in the UK. The burger and shake I ordered was definitely satisfying. I had a 45 minute walk ahead of me to get to the pub which was perfect to burn off some of the calories from the burger. It was getting darker and there was less people on the street until I got to Camden, where the pub is. An art culture arose and druggies walked the streets. I personally thought it was a pretty cool area.


Pub With Friends

I arrived at the pub and waited a bit for my friend to meet up with me. As it started to rain I saw him. We met and he invited me to lobby of the hotel he was staying at which was right next to the pub. It is called the Stay Club Camden. The lobby was modern, industrial and a great place to hangout with a pool table and a cafe. My friend introduced me to his friends. Most were from Italy, but one one guy was from France and another from Poland. There was a game of pool that needed to be finished and once it was we headed to the pub. Unfortunately the awesome live music finished just when we got there, but we got a few beers and took a seat. I really liked these people. I thought they were interesting and fun to listen to. It was a good end to a night in London.


My favorite part of the night was hanging out in the pub. I love meeting new people from different countries. That whole evening was better than I expected. I’ll be back in London next may and will have more to write about.

What is an interesting layover that you’ve had? Tell us in the comment and share with your friends. I’ll see you in the next post.

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