4 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

When I lived in the Netherlands the food was definitely not a highlight. I’m just being honest. The burgers taste like meatloaf, dutch herring does not live up to it’s cultural popularity and Bitterballen is only okay when it has cooled down. Although I didn’t love the food in general, there were still restaurants around the country that served up some decent food. Especially in the hub of Amsterdam. The next restaurants are three of some of my favorite restaurants in the city.



Foodhallen is an epicentre of food and community inside an old tram remise. At night the building is filled with locals and tourists alike. They take a drink and choose from one of the 21 food stands ranging from dim Sum to burgers to tapas. There is something for everyone. I remember going a few years ago and buying sushi and cannolis. What an interesting mix. The price for most food stalls range from around $5 to $12, so it isn’t terribly expensive. The Foodhallen also holds events. Overall, it’s a place with great food of many cuisines and a great place to meet people.


Casa Peru

At the edge of the Negen Straats you’ll find a small Peruvian restaurant serving a modern twist on Peruvian cuisine. In the afternoon they serve a cheaper more dutch cuisine, but during dinner the menu changes. They serve Lomo Saltado, Sudado, and more Peruvian dishes. I got a sea bass meal that I couldn’t stop eating. The main dishes are quite pricey, about 20 euros each, but it is worth it.


Staring at Jacob

When I lived in the city for two months, we stayed right next to a brunch cafe called Staring at Jacob. I would go there regularly to get a chai and something from the brunch menu. I would eat the fried chicken, French toast, eggs benedict and a few more great meals. The food was fantastic comfort food. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. I would definitely recommend eating here in the morning while sitting outside a canal. Great atmosphere.


Van ‘T Spit

Van ‘T Spit is a simple and contemporary chicken restaurant. You can get a half chicken for 12 euros or a full one for 23 euros and then a side. There’s not much else to say about what’s on their menu, which is good. I like a simple menu because it shows that the chefs can do one item really well rather than many items just okay. That theory is proven to be true at Van ‘T Spit. The chicken is flavourful and tender and the fries are just as satisfying, especially with the sauce that is included on your table. Go to Van ‘T Spit.


Like I said, it was hard to find good restaurants in the Netherlands, but these four are memorable because of their flavor and their atmosphere. I’d recommend anyone visiting or living in Amsterdam to go to at least one of these restaurants. I’ll be back in Amsterdam within a month and maybe I’ll go back to these restaurants or great new ones. We’ll have to see.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What are your favorite restaurants there? Tell us in the comments. I’ll see you in the next post.

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